January 19, 2021

About BailieBilt

Gordon Bailie, owner of Bailie Bilt, knows what works on and off the trails because he drives his classic Bronco as often as he can. He began fabricating parts after being unable to find exactly what he needed for his Bronco. With more than 20 years of paint and body experience, plus years of complete restoration and custom fabrication work under his belt, Gordon tackles each customer’s project or challenge and delivers trail-worthy, show-quality results. Every time.

Read more about the Bailie Bilt approach, check out some of our customers’ vehicles, shop for Bailie Bilt bumpers, cages, tire carriers, guards and more, or drop us a line and let us know what you think or what you’d like to see us tackle in the shop. If you want to call us, mail us or email us, all that info is on the Contact page.

See you on the trail!